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Hi! I’m Tero

I’m Tero, known to friends by just my first name, which despite its brevity, has spawned a variety of playful nicknames—stories for another time, perhaps on one of our adventures. Originating from the flat and expansive Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland, I’ve always had a profound love for the outdoors, including activities like hiking and the occasional fishing trip. More often than not, it seemed the fish were having a laugh at my expense. My educational journey led me to become a wilderness guide during the COVID-19 years, built upon a foundation in Environmental Technology (BSc).

The story of Pahta Outdoor began some years ago during a hiking trip when the weather forecast turned sour, compelling me to seek shelter. That’s when I found Brennfjell Camping, a sanctuary amidst the storm. The experiences and connections forged at Brennfjell laid the groundwork for what would eventually become a unique and enduring partnership, culminating in the creation of Pahta Outdoor.

Pahta Outdoor ❤️ Brennfjell Camping

Pahta Outdoor specializes in offering a variety of outdoor experiences, ranging from short excursions to extensive hikes, and even custom-tailored adventures, thanks to our broad network of collaborations. Our main hub is in Northern Norway, with Brennfjell Camping providing authentic lodging and the warmth of a good sauna after a day filled with activities. Our operations primarily span the regions around Skibotn in Northern Norway and Kilpisjärvi in Finland, offering a blend of experiences in these breathtaking landscapes.

This unique collaboration and my personal journey reflect our commitment to bringing immersive outdoor experiences to both locals and international visitors, inviting them to explore the beauty and tranquility of these northern landscapes.

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